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Visit us to see our wide range of curtain poles and other accessories.

Curtain poles

A collection of hand-painted and stained wood curtain poles, hand finished in the UK with timeless finial designs. 'Washed' and 'waxed' finished for that modern country look that works well in both town and country homes.


Sugar pot


ball, pearl.jpg
sugar pot, pearl.jpg

Brushed ivory

ball, brushed ivory.jpg
sugar pot, brushed ivory.jpg

Brushed cream

ball, brushed cream.jpg
sugar pot, brushed cream.jpg

Satin silver

Gold black

ball, satin silver.jpg
ball, gold black.jpg
sugar pot, satin silver.jpg
sugar pot, gold black.jpg

Dark oak

ball, dark oak.jpg
sugar pot, dark oak.jpg

Light oak

ball, light oak.jpg
sugar pot, light oak.jpg


button, pearl.jpg
button, brushed ivory.jpg
button, brushed cream.jpg
button, satin silver.jpg
button, gold black.jpg
button, dark oak.jpg
button, light oak.jpg

Ribbed ball

ribbed ball, brushed ivory.jpg
ribbed ball, pearl.jpg
ribbed ball, brushed cream.jpg
ribbed ball, gold black.jpg
ribbed ball, satin silver.jpg

Floral ball

floral ball, pearl.jpg
floral ball, brushed ivory.jpg
floral ball, brushed cream.jpg
floral ball, satin silver.jpg
floral ball, gold black.jpg
ribbed ball, dark oak.jpg
ribbed ball, light oak.jpg

All designs available with 45mm and 55mm diameter poles.

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